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Dr. Jennifer Sagon-Taeza

Honolulu Career and Technical Education Intermediary

Jennifer Sagon-Taeza’s passion for education and community connections was derived from over 20 dedicated years as a classroom educator, curriculum specialist, and program management. She earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership, specializing in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment. Her dissertation addressed effective teaching strategies between theory-based and practical-based approaches for curriculum in history. The study addressed how effective teaching strategies can instill the values of the contents in history and provide opportunities for students to connect their knowledge with personal experiences.  


Dr. Sagon-Taeza has developed virtual, place-based learning, and innovative programs for youth and educators in PreK to high school, and higher education that span across the world. She has designed, Discovering the Pacific, a curriculum customized to educate youth and educators about the history and stories of the Pacific. Students are engaged in personalized student-centered activities and student-led discussions. 


Additionally, Dr. Sagon-Taeza has designed, Infinitely Connect-Ed:  A Peace Education program that aims to customize learning for diverse learners and build universal connections through peace perspectives and conflict resolution. She has presented to a general audience and led youth peace discussions in Hawaii, EuropeJapan, and Kazakhstan. 


Dr. Sagon-Taeza has contributed to the development and success of a standards-based school readiness program for upcoming kindergarten students. The program addressed academic, social and behavior skills for diverse learners. She is an upcoming author of a children’s book series focused on character development, social and cultural acceptance. 


To learn more about Dr. Sagon-Taeza's accomplishments please visit link.

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