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Aloha Industry Member,


First, thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Hawaii Workforce Pipeline, Inc. Our organization's goal is to help connect our local educational institutions and industry partners. From these connections we aim to create work-based learning opportunities for our high school and college students, as well as individuals interested in exploring new career options.

As an industry partner, you will be able to choose your level of support of our students and their teachers. Additionally, before your assigned student arrives to your place of business, our team will work with you to define site-specific training topics and a scope of service. Our goal for the site-specific training is to ensure that the student comes with a foundational knowledge that you and/or your employees may build upon. We want the students to add value to your place of business and become an important member of your team. The intention of the scope of service is to ensure that the student is aware of what tasks they can or cannot perform and that they are engaged in educational activities during their internship.


If you are interested in learning more, please send our team a message. We look forward to working together more!

Best regards,

Hawaii Workforce Pipeline, Inc.

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