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Art to Innovation: Teacher Externship

A much needed element in academic instruction is the action of

creating real-world connections in the classroom. This action

promotes student engagement, as well as student achievement,

through the authenticity of learning. Our dedicated educators in

the State of Hawaii are continually seeking innovative strategies to

connect their classroom lessons to real-world experiences.

Another benefit of creating this real-world connection is that

these experiences nurture students' professional interests and

future career pathways.

A great example of this type of academic innovation was seen in a

recent teacher externship initiated by Mrs. Nicole Yasuda. Nicole

is the Graphic Design and Technology teacher in the Creative Arts

and Technology Academy at Farrington High School.

Please click on the link below to learn more about Nicole's Teacher Externship experience.

HD TE - Nicole_Farrington
Download PDF • 1.39MB

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